Our Collaborative Structure

A Community of global learners collaborating to identifying real-world challenges and design and implement real-world project based solutions working under the shadow of educators, professionals and leading organizations in various fields.


Our core team of educators under Dr. MacLaughlin's leadership have many years of experience in education.  The team is exceptional in developing project-based learning curriculum and modules that embed learning simulations and place-based education. Projects are tied to students academic standards and grounded on data-driven, research-based instructional environments.



Innovation Catalysts

The Global Classroom Exchange (GCE) is an opportunity for its founder John Musau to give back to emerging communities globally.

As John has engaged communities on the benefits of internet connectivity, it remains clear to him that lack of access to technology hampers academic progress and workforce development for many.  It also obscures exposure to opportunities and essential technology driven community based development programs.

With this in mind, John has established private and public partnerships as the driving force supporting educational collaborative platforms that leverage technology allowing students and educators in different locations to collaborate in real-time, both inside and outside of the classroom.  These PBL environments allow students work beyond geographical boundaries, across time zones and multilingual contexts on group projects, quickly crowdsourcing topics and potential content, co-constructing plans, establishing timeliness, and rapidly implementing approaches. The ultimate goal is for students to implement sustainable solutions through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) projects that positively impact global social economic, cultural, and environmental challenges.

John Musau