We believe in the power of sustainable economic ecosystems. Our modules are designed to teach students how to responsibly leverage land, natural resources, labor, and capital as factors of production that fuel economic growth. Students design projects that facilitate and nurture the development of local economies that functions in unique ecosystems. The bold intention is to satisfy human needs in a manner that sustains natural resources and the environment. They learn that these factors are inseparable and are essential in the long term growth of a vibrant economy.



Practical Learning = Practical Solutions

Our projects undergo a stringent evaluation and vetting process to ensure that they produce progressive and effective learning. Our core team of educators that design and facilitate the implementation of Project-Based Learning (PBL) projects have many years of experience in the education field. The team is exceptional in developing project-based learning modules that embed learning simulations and place-based education. Projects are grounded on data-driven, research-based instructional environments.

Our technology and applications administers individualized module sequences that branch and remediate according to students' and projects unique needs. Our system is seamlessly matches student's academic goals to PBL projects. It also automatically tracks progress, performs data analysis, and generates reports. We continuously update our technology tools to enable students, educators and supporting professionals efficiently collaborate in developing programs and select instructional materials from a rich resource database.

GCE Power-on modules allow students to direct their own learning in project work and engage in open-ended inquiry developing their thinking and metacognition skills. A Community of global learners collaborate in identifying real-world problems and designing real-world project based solutions work under the shadow of educators and professionals in various fields. We facilitate discourse with an audiences beyond the classroom which leads to student's acquisition of practical skill and social learning. We nurture an environment where students are encouraged to make their own research centered interpretations to design & implement projects.

I mplementing Project Based Learning principles to apply a series of goal oriented academic modules that augment students’ workforce development.  Students collaborate to develop sustainable and diverse community economic ecosystems in an effort to reduce poverty, preserve natural resources and protect the environment.